Obesity Surgery - Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch

Gastric Bypass Surgery

What is a laparoscopic duodenal switch?

  • Surgery that reduces the size of your stomach (similar to the gastric bypass operation)
  • Significantly alters food absorption from the intestine (with much more malabsorption than the commonly performed gastric bypass)
  • Performed by keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery, which only leaves a few small scars

How does a duodenal switch work?

  • Reduced stomach size so less food can be eaten
  • Reduced food absorption as only 100cm (15%) of the bowel will absorb food (common channel – where food and digestive juices mix)
  • Changes occur in the hormones released from the bowel and stomach which control the feeling of hunger
Gastric Bypass Surgery

Why is a laparoscopic duodenal switch good?

• Excellent weight loss
• Able to eat relatively normally, although a high protein diet is essential
• Do not experience ‘dumping’ which is sometimes seen with the gastric bypass
• Can resolve type 2 diabetes in up to 100% of cases

Why might a laparoscopic duodenal switch not be good?

• Major operation that alters the anatomy of the stomach
• Can only ever be partially reversed
• Malabsorption may cause diarrhoea (up to 6 bowel movements a day)
• Essential to have a high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diet
• Life-long follow-up is essential
• Regular blood tests and vitamin supplements are crucial

What are the risks of a laparoscopic duodenal switch?

• Bleeding (1-5%)
• Join or suture leak (join or staple line) (1-5%)
• Narrowing at the surgical joins
• Hair thinning
• Protein malnutrition if supplements not taken or diet modified
• Vitamin deficiency and osteoporosis if supplements not maintained

What results can I expect from a laparoscopic duodenal switch?

• Average excess weight loss of 70-80%

What do I need to do?

• Be committed to losing weight and follow dietary advice.
• Have regular blood tests and bone scans
• Take your vitamin supplements
• Attend your follow-up appointments
• Long term commitment

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